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Ricon™ Consulting Inc

Internet Services

Our services include:

¤ website hosting
¤ email hosting
¤ Fax Thru Email
¤ Online File Folder
¤ Email Marketing
¤ SSL Certificates
¤ Build A Website Tools
¤ domain name registration
¤ and so much more

For a complete list of everything we can do for your internet needs click here.

Custom Software Development
for Internet and Desktop

Do you need an extra pair of hands for that programming project? Is your current software missing something? Are you struggling to keep track of important data? Maybe the solution is to create a custom program to maintain this critical information? Call us to discuss what your issues are and we can make recommendations to resolve your data dilemma. Sometimes the solution involves a new business process. Other times the solution calls for custom software.

For more details on our custom software development and programming services click here.

Ricon Software Products
Business Tools for your Organization

Our software products include:

¤ Studio Assist

¤ Vendor/Supplier Managed Inventory

Our GallerySoft value added product is a GallerySoft Integrated Website

For more details on our product offerings click here.

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